HTML KickStart – A Frontend Skeleton For Creating Websites Faster

You’ll remember the 2 previously shared and popular resources for quickly developing websites: Twitter Bootstrap and Foundation.

Here is a powerful alternative named HTML KickStart which is a HTML5, CSS and jQuery-powered toolkit for easily creating any type of layouts with web elements in-rhythm.

It has styles for grids, typography, forms, buttons, tables or lists and cross-browser eb elements like a JavaScript gallery, lightbox, breadcrumb navigation, menus with sub-menus and more.

HTML KickStart

HTML KickStart is focused on providing a clean, standards-compliant and cross-browser mark-up (for HTML,CSS and JS).

The project is documented in detail, has examples for all elements and it is improved regularly.


Compatibility: All Modern Browsers
Demo: http://www.99lime.com/elements/
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