How To: Create an Online shop with WordPress & Armonico Theme


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MintThemes make some great themes that we have covered in the past, recently they released two e-commerce themes: Armonico and Compra. Where Compra looks like it could be used for a fashion or handicrafts store,  Armonico caught my eye with it’s clean design, which makes it look like it could be used for a whole range of online stores :

The Armonico theme works in conjunction with the Cart66 e-Commerce plugin, so you will need a copy of that to installed and activated to use this theme, in this review I will be taking a look at setting up the Armonico theme and adding a  product to it.

Purchase the Armonico Theme for $79 »

Installing the Theme

After you purchase the theme you will receive a zip file, unzip this and you will have a folder called “Armonico”, upload that to your WordPress site

Click activate under the theme:

Set Your Theme Options

Once the theme is activated, visit “Appearance” > “Theme Options” and that will load up the MintThemes options panel. The first tab is “General Options” where you can set things like: A Custom logo, Slogan / Tagline, Which category to use for the site’s blog, Which category to use for the home products, a custom favicon and finally any tracking code – for things like Google Analytics.

Homepage – Top Slider

The next tab down is “Homepage Top Slider” this is simply where you can enter up to 6 images with links which will make up the homepage slider :

Homepage – Image links

The next tab down is for the homepage image links – these are 4 links which are placed next to the slider, again you can enter any image and any URL here :

Homepage – Extra Settings

The “homepage extra settings” tab is where you can place custom text and a custom image which appears near the bottom of the theme

This text appears like so :

Footer Options

The “footer options” tab contains inputs for you to put your Facebook URL, Twitter username and Email address :

Show Icons

The “Show Icons” tab is where you can choose which payment icons to show in your site’s footer – Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Paypal, Google Checkout. The ability to add a custom icon here would have been nice.

This is what the icons look like :

Styling Options

The final tab is “Styling Options” and is simply a box where you can paste any custom CSS you may need for your site.

Adding a Product

When adding a product to this theme, the first thing you do is add the product using the Cart66menu, including the price and quantities etc :

Once that is done you go to add a post as normal using “Posts” > “Add New” enter a title and description of your product :

Under the post editing box you will see a new section called “Product Information” choose the product you created before from the drop down box and then you can add some product images :

Choose a category for your product and publish the post and your new product will appear on the site :


When I first installed this theme I had a slight issue with when adding a product image which turned out to be a permissions problem – there is a directory in the theme folder called cache you may need to CHMOD to 777. Apart from that small issue, this theme was a piece of cake to install and get up and running – I hadnt used Cart66 before but the process of adding a product was intuitive. I love the design of this theme – I can easily see how it could be modified to match your branding as its quite neutral in colors.

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