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Buy and Sell Unused Logos at BrandCrowd

BrandCrowd Logo

You might not now but recently the world’s biggest logo marketplace was acquired by DesignCrowd. It’s since been relaunched as BrandCrowd, a marketplace for designers looking to sell any unused logos and for anyone hunting for a logo design.

The marketplace is offering a quality experience for both parties;

  • only high-quality designs are accepted so buyers browse through a well-designed set of logos
  • designers focus on creativity without being directed by a client brief



The process to sell logo designs is pretty straightforward, upload the designs with a short brief and they are ready to be purchased after the BrandCrowd team places them under the right categories so buyers can find them easily.

The user profile also function as a portfolio of items for sale where your designs are listed and the price you’ve set is displayed to the user. Sellers can receive offers from buyers who want to make an alternative offer to buy the design and/or request modifications to the existing design.

BrandCrowd Sample Logo Set 1

Listing items is completely free and BrandCrowd only gets a commission when there is a sale. After each sale, the company contacts buyers to verify the purchase, which means logos are protected.

BrandCrowd Sample Logo Set 2

If you want to buy logos, things are all good as well. Browse the logos, filter with keywords (for ex :check the design and creative services logos) and, if found a logo meeting your requirements, just pick the item and it is all yours (won’t be resold to anyone). As the buyer gets the vector files, it is possible to easily apply updates on it.


BrandCrowd Privacy

Interestingly, there is a feature available to buyers (such as web design agencies) to allow them to make a purchased logo hidden or private.

This is useful if you’re looking to:

  • re-sell that logo (potentially with a margin)
  • just wanting to hide the logo for your own business so that people don’t know where you got it from.
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