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As people who are designing/developing and/or managing web projects, we usually pay a lot of importance to metrics and their trends -website statistics, Twitter follower numbers, the number of sales of a product and so- to better analyze if things are performing as expected.

All these data are usually behind different applications/interfaces; Google Analytics keeps the stats, the number of comments are in the WordPress admin, leads can be viewed from SalesForce or invoices are in Freshbooks. And, there can be some others like the data in custom apps.

Logging into each of them to get a snapshot of everything usually takes a lot of time. And, this is what Cyfe is about.

Cyfe is a hosted dashboard with a simple and good-looking interface that allows us to view any data from a single place.


It has a pretty good number of ready-to-use widgets that can pull data from popular applications like Google products (Analytics, Adsense, FeedBurner, Gmail), MailChimp, Twitter, Facebook, SeoMOZ, Alexa, Zendesk, SalesForce and more.

Also, it has support for data from custom sources including a CSV file (hosted in a URL or uploaded directly), HTML, image or RSS.

Such an ability is so good as we can easily auto-generate CSV files with the data to be visualized using the scripting language we prefer (like “sales from the project x” and “new sign-ups from the project y”) and let Cyfe grab + display the data. Or, we can provide the URL of the chart image generated in our own web application and it is displayed like an iframe.

The application has multiple charting options (line, area, bar, pie) so it is possible to view each custom metric with the one that fits the best.

Cyfe - Available Widgets

Cyfe is not a single dashboard app and any number of tabs can be created which is handy for creating groups and collecting the widgets of each project under its own dashboard which is good if you are viewing a pretty high number of widgets.

Widgets can be positioned by drag ‘n’ drops just like iGoogle to create the order we want. And, we can upload our own logo for a more custom look.

Also, the application can be reached from any device (desktop, tablet, mobile) and things will work smoothly.

It comes with a free plan that includes 5 widgets that will be enough for many and plans with more widgets exist.


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