A CodeIgniter-Powered & Open Source E-Commerce Package: GoCart

GoCart is an open source e-commerce application which is focused on offering an easy to use/customize solution and not having a huge number of features but only the important ones.

It can have unlimited categories, tiered categories with any depth, unlimited products-product images-options and can display related items.

The built-in shipping methods include a flat or table rate, USPS, FedEx + UPS and has support for Paypal, and “COD (collect on delivery)” payment methods.

GoCart Open Source CodeIgniter E-Commerce

Users can have multiple addresses with the help of an address book and use giftcards or coupons with the system.

A plain admin panel empowers the store owner with features like the ability to configure categories, products, export user + sales data, get sales reports, implement promotions and create/edit content within the site with a simple CMS.

Requirements: PHP & MySQL




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