19 Minimalist Website Examples


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Minimalism is a current trend that is taking the design world by storm. Minimalism in web design has really taken off in the past few years as well. The idea behind minimalist design is to keep the website design to a minimum, only displaying what is relevant to the user and to the website (the essentials). The great thing about minimalism is that helps the website’s users find what they need quickly all while avoiding non-relevant content such as advertisements or whatever else. Below we have collected 19 different websites that showcase minimalism very well in their design.

The Kitchen

The Kitchen Website


2. Light & Shadows by Wizz Media

Light & Shadows Website by Wizz Media


3. POCO People by Joshua Lamont

POCO People  Website by Joshua Lamont


4. Linda Dong

Linda Dong Website


5. Paramount Farms by LEVEL Studios

Paramount Farms Website by LEVEL Studios


6. Nest

Nest Website


7. Life in Greenville by Cowork Greenville

Life in Greenville Website by Cowork Greenville


8. Multiview by Orchard

Multiview Website by Orchard



The STUDIO Website


10. ground(ctrl)

ground(ctrl) Website


11. Loghificio by Operaviva

Loghificio Website by Operaviva


12. Paco Mobles by Daniel Nabil

Paco Mobles Website by Daniel Nabil

13. FiftyThree

FiftyThree Website


14. TokioLab by NEOTOKIO!

TokioLab Website by NEOTOKIO!


15. Solo Interactive Studio

Solo Interactive Studio Website


16. Whitmans New York by Gin Lane Media

Whitmans New York Website by Gin Lane Media


17. Wrap Spaces by Triggerfish!

Wrap Spaces Website by Triggerfish!


18. Crayons to Concept

Crayons to Concept Website


19. Goosebumps Pickles by Digi-cult

Goosebumps Pickles Website by Digi-cult


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